Newport - Day 2


August 4, 2018 


At every turning point we questioned going forward and chose to go just a little further.  We reached the parking lot and couldn’t see the point of going out in rain like this and flash flood warnings dinging our phones. 

Why weren’t they shutting down the festival for the day?!! 

We napped briefly, then decided to brave the elements, since the rainfall seemed lighter. We agreed that Misery would signal an end to our day. Inundation at the shuttle line and a “Why are you here?!” from security personnel deterred us not. 

We waded through the umbrellaed throngs, finding a spot to listen to one Pat Metheny song. Soaked  to the skin, water pooling in our shoes, we gave each other the sign and headed for the gate with its NO REENTRY sign. 

Back in the car our Newport app declared the weather event OVER and the fest ON for the rest of the day. We focused not on who we were missing, rather on our need for relief from our everywhere wetness. 

Each day we make peace with our choices.

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