Sharing the Love of Music

I spent the better part of today with my co-workers - Wiggleworms teachers at the Old Town School of Folk Music. There were over twenty women and six men  Eleven months a year, seven days a week, we share our love of music with young children, and the parents and other caregivers who bring them to our classes. Newborns, infants, toddlers, young children up to the age of five, as many as two thousand a week some sessions, come through our doors. We sing, play instruments, dance and engage with them in musical play.  We open these young ones to a life of listening to and  participating  in music.

We are dedicated, loving, warm professionals who, today, shared songs, experiences, ideas and concerns with each other. All so that we become even better at what we do.

So today I ask you to join me in saluting music teachers; largely unsung and underappreciated. But without whom life, as we know it, would be very different, very bland.

Who were your music teachers? at home? in school? in the community? 

To all of us, to all of you, I give a heart felt THANK YOU!!

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