Airport Vignettes

July 5, 2018  


Wheeling through back corridors 

Midway yields some surprises 

4th floor theme: The Art Institute 

Nat King Cole sings “Mona Lisa” 

3rd floor: Buckingham Fountain 

Dinah Washington’s lyrics 

Include a fountain 


My Baltimorean wheelchair attendant 

(yes, I ride in style) 

Sports a facial tattoo 

And others, the edges visible on her neck 

A nubby golden grill 

Baby locs 

And a winning personality 

As we share our hopes 

Of seeing OUR new museum 

She vaguely acknowledges 

Hearing about it 

But wonders how she’d ever 

Figure out how to get 

From Baltimore to DC 

We bond over the dangers 

Of living in our respective cities 

She works hard 

At staying busy 

And out of whatever 

Unspoken hell she’s been through

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