You’ve been playing on my life’s soundtrack for a long long time 

From Mother’s record club arrivals 

I’ve Never Loved a Man 

To college anthems 

All I’m asking for is a little Respect 

Spell it now 

Spirit in the Dark 


Ebony and Jet keeping us apprised of 

Your weight loss journeys (you & Luther & Oprah) 

Your husbands (but Aretha, Glenn Turman was so cute!) 

And your tyrannical father 

I say a little prayer for you 


I saw you once 

At the Arie Crown in McCormick Place 

An awful venue 

Yet, decades later, they’re still 

Staging shows there 


I don’t know who anointed you 

Queen of Soul 

But you wore it well 

Your finest crown being 

The one you rocked at Obama’s 



But the furs Aretha 

Cannot black folk be 

Politically correct too? 

And a fur jacket 


On the Kennedy Honors stage? 



You family 

And we love you 

Happy Birthday

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